Curtain Critic: Arizona Theatre Company’s “Native Gardens” blooms on stage

Image courtesy of Tim Fuller.

By Serena O’Sullivan
October 11, 2018

It’s hard to bloom where you’re planted when neighbors are intruding on what is rightfully yours.

One of the best aspects of Arizona Theatre Company’s “Native Gardens” is this statement applies to all characters equally.

The play, currently showing at Herberger Theater Center, centers around a border dispute between Latinx newlyweds and their neighbors, an older white couple.

Karen Zacarias’ hilarious script covers every characters’ unique perspective with equal amounts of respect and amusement, making it so that every member of the audience can find themselves in the different characters.

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Curtain Critic: The First Annual Book burners is a dark humor delight

Image courtesy of Space 55.

By Serena O’Sullivan
September 27, 2018

Despite its fiery title, no books were harmed during the two-hour runtime of Space 55’s “The First Annual Bookburners’ Convention.”

Director Dennis Frederick’s performance of “The First Annual Bookburners’ Convention” is an offbeat delight full of thoughtful philosophy, intriguing character dynamics and cleverly dark humor.

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Curtain Critic: Phoenix Theatre’s artistic director wins prestigious award

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Theatre.

By Serena O’Sullivan
April 10, 2018

Imagine winning an award that has been presented to seven former presidents and other American heroes including Muhammad Ali, Sandra Day O’Connor and Rosa Parks.

Some might be cocky after such an impressive accomplishment; this isn’t the case for Phoenix’s winner of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award.

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Curtain Critic: Fat-burning laughter at Herberger Theatre’s “Waist Watchers”

Photo courtesy of George Wentzler

By Serena O’Sullivan
February 21, 2018

“Waist Watchers” will make you laugh off your weight.

From chin hairs to weight gain, the struggles of middle age are illustrated vividly through song and dance in the Herberger Theater’s “Waist Watchers.”

The play is about middle-aged women and the moments of disappointment and happiness they experience. It knows its audience intimately, although other demographics may not be as captivated by the storyline or may not find the struggles quite as relatable.

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Curtain Critic: Boobs, boobs and more boobs at Phoenix Theatre’s “The Boob Show”

Image courtesy of the Phoenix Theatre.

By Serena O’Sullivan
February 26, 2018

It’s important to keep abreast of topics such as body image, feminism, sexism and objectification, and no play makes it more titillating than “The Boob Show.”

Sally Jo Bannow’s brainchild is a humorous romp through a fantasy land known as “Boobtropolis,” where a woman battling breast cancer winds up after fixating on the changes her body is going through.

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FilmBar owner reflects on seventh year downtown

Image courtesy of Sierra LaDuke, Downtown Devil.

By Serena O’Sullivan

February 16, 2018

On Feb. 10, FilmBar turned seven years old. While some theaters might hold festivities for the milestone, FilmBar spent the day like any other.

“We didn’t have any celebration,” founder Kelly Aubey said. “I think at ten years we’ll celebrate. But now, there are certain milestones in my head, and I don’t think we’ve reached them yet.”

FilmBar first began as Aubey’s dream to offer Phoenix more diverse films. “There’s no proper art house in this city,” he said.

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Curtain Critic: High fives all around for Stray Cat Theatre’s ‘Hand to God’

Image courtesy of John Groseclose

For a horror-inspired story about possession, “Hand to God” brings forth more bursts of laughter than jump scares.

Then again, its use of goofy puppets to symbolize family issues and pent-up sexual frustration might have something to do with the uproarious laughter it inspires.

Despite the religious imagery the title evokes, it would be a mistake to see this play with your local pastor. It’s as lewd and raunchy as it is hilarious and well-done.

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Urban Tree Planting in Phoenix

The Central Park Phoenix Neighborhood decided to plant some much-needed shade in its historic neighborhood. I went to the site with a camera and put together a wrap on the event, complete with narration and an interview.

Unfortunately, due to my poor audio problems, I couldn’t publish this in any student media groups. That being said, for my very first video, I am proud of it! I can only improve from here on out. 🙂

Curtain Critic: ATC’s ‘La Mancha’ lights up the Herberger

Image courtesy of Tim Fuller, Arizona Theatre Company

By the time the stage lights faded and the cast of “Man of La Mancha” gave their final bow, my cheeks hurt from smiling and my hands were numb from clapping.

The Arizona Theatre Company knocked it out of the park so well, the ball rocketed away to Wonderland, much like Don Quixote, the famous literary character at the core of this play. The “Man of La Mancha” begins when a poet-turned-tax-collector is thrown into a prison full of cynics who have been condemned by the Spanish Inquisition.

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