JMC 305 Student Nutrition Podcast with Christen Valentine

In this podcast, I sit down with Christen Valentine to discuss student health. I asked her about misconceptions students have about healthy eating, as well as recommendations for healthy places to eat nearby campus. We also discussed building healthy habits and learning how to read labels.

Image courtesy of Flickr.

Curtain Critic: “Chapter Two”, Herberger Theater’s start to the new season


Watching two people fall in love has never been more charming or comical.

The Herberger Theater Center opened its new season with “Chapter Two,” a play written by Neil Simon about his second wife, Martha Mason. Mason herself serves as the director for this performance.

After the recent death of his beloved wife of twelve years, George Schneider (David Mason) shrinks at the idea of dating again. After his well-meaning but bumptious brother, Leo (Ben Huber), sets him up with three girls who wear electric dresses, smuggle TNT across borders, and bear the name Bambi, respectively, the flame of romance in his heart has all but fizzled out. He doesn’t want to call any of the girls Leo tries to set him up with, despite Leo’s pleas that the final girl he’s found is the one for George.

This article was published on October 11, 2017. Read the rest of my review on the Downtown Devil website!

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