Monique Henderson Feature


This story was originally written for publication in the Western Sun on Sept. 19, 2016.

By Serena O’Sullivan
Entertainment Editor

Meet Monique Henderson, Golden West College’s Head Coach of women’s cross country and track & field of two years. Not only does Henderson have two Olympic gold medals in the 400-meter dash under her belt, but she has a long history of well-earned success:  she set a high school national record in the 400-meter dash at age 17, and was even named “Girls National High School Athlete of the Year” by monthly sports magazine Track and Field News in 2000. Continue reading “Monique Henderson Feature”

Blaze Radio Work

These are the only recorded shows I’ve been in that appear on BlazeRadioOnline. More will be added soon!

Oct. 5 Traffic Jam –

Sept. 28 Traffic Jam –

Sept. 26 Press Pass (Co-Anchor) –

Sept. 12 Press Pass (Co-Anchor) –

Sept. 7 Traffic Jam –

Curtain Critic: The powerhouse performance of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”

Image Courtesy of the Phoenix Theatre

Prepare your ears, but don’t bring earbuds: if you do, Hedwig might be tempted to stroll over and pluck them out before reprimanding you in a cheeky German accent.

Throughout the show, Hedwig interacts with the audience and references Phoenix culture, enmeshing her world with the audience’s so that it’s easy to forget she isn’t a real rock star touring throughout the United States. “Hedwig” is a bold, brilliant and fiercely creative play, with an incredible story and songs to match.

Read the rest of this theater review on “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on the Downtown Devil’s website!

This article was originally published in the State Press on Sept. 26, 2017.

The importance of eating earnest

Healthy eating habits can lengthen life, lower depression and improve studies

We’ve all heard about the freshman 15. You leave home and pack off to college, hoping to grow your brain with new knowledge. Unfortunately, many of us also grow out a big gut from unhealthy eating habits.

Luckily, here at ASU, there are so many options for good food available that every Sun Devil can avoid eating poorly. It’s never too late to change your eating habits, which have a huge effect on your academics. Eating well can even improve academic performance and reduce depression.

Read the rest of my article at the State Press website!

This piece was originally published February 21, 2017.

Trans* allyship requires more than mere acceptance

Photo by Nancy Stone | Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Embracing abstraction empowers students to explore gender variance

When Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she is transgender, I was too young to understand the gravity of her transition. It was the first time I’d ever even heard of Bruce Jenner, let alone the concept of being trans*.

I had no idea of the importance of the trans asterisk, for example.

“I’m really committed to that star, that asterisk,” said Jack Halberstam, professor of American studies and ethnicity, gender studies and comparative literature at the University of Southern California.

Read the rest of this opinion column on gender variance and the Trans* event on-campus on the State Press website!

This article was originally published in the State Press on April 4, 2017.

ASU students can take steps to stay safe from surveillance

Photo by Hannah Franklin | The State Press

Don’t be Trumped by your paranoia: take precautions instead

When the first day of spring break unfolded, I stepped into the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with a positive attitude I usually find hard to muster in airports.

As I hurried through the masses of people, an advertisement caught my eye. “Protect yourself from cyber attacks,” the banner above me read, accompanied by a man’s face from the nose down wearing a suspicious smirk. He was sitting before a laptop, his fingers poised to commit a nefarious attack on an unsuspecting victim’s cyberspace.

Ever since I saw that banner, the issues of cybersecurity and surveillance have weighed heavily on my mind. From alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election to Donald Trump accusing Barack Obama of wiretapping the White House, worries about third-party surveillance of private information are ubiquitous in our modern political climate.

Read the rest of my article at the State Press website!

This piece was originally published March 22, 2017.

Political weariness weakens your potential to incite change


Student engagement is the key to unlocking your power as an American citizen

When I walked into Downtown Phoenix’s Westward Ho building on a crisp evening in late February, there was a spring in my step, fueled by my own self-confidence and pride.

I was walking into a forum of ASU faculty and students, ready to engage in a discussion of constitutionality and recent laws, and I was completely assured of my ability to understand, and even contribute, to the discussion.

Jonathan Koppell, dean of the College of Public Service and Community Solutions, hosted the “What is Constitutional?” event, a group discussion on the Constitution and recent executive orders.

Read the rest of my article at the State Press website!

This piece was originally published March 15, 2017.

Backlash against ‘Rogue One’ reflects a post-election America

No matter how far, far away it may seem, “Rogue One” hits close to home

One of the most laughably naive concepts my younger self believed was that fiction was an escape from reality. The truth is that politics and entertainment are inexorably intertwined.

Last night’s Oscars was peppered with politics throughout, from Gael García Bernal’s condemnation of Trump’s wall to Jimmy Kimmel’s mid-Oscar tweet noting that Donald Trump hadn’t taken to Twitter to address the Oscars.

Read the rest of my article at the State Press website!

This piece was originally published February 27, 2017.

“20th Century Women” illustrates the positive impact of feminism

Photo by | Courtesy

Despite what its title would have you believe, “20th Century Women” is just as much about men as it is about women. At the heart of the story is 15-year-old Jamie Fields, whose emerging sense of manhood is shaped by feminist principles and life lessons imparted upon him by three women of different generations.

By showing male characters who embrace feminism, films like “20th Century Women” combat negative stigmas against feminism and shed light on the benefits feminism offers both men and women.

Read the rest of this opinion column on “20th Century Women” on the State Press website!

This article was originally published in the State Press on February 20, 2017.

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